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The Beginning...

Something Grand came to be in late fall of 2004, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Armed with a pound cake recipe handed down from grandma - or Grand, as we called her - my sister and I devised a plan to ship them with poetic greeting cards that I had written. All these years later, what started as a mail order-only pound cake business has evolved into a full-scale catering operation! I still ship pound cakes, layer cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, bars, pies and cobblers nationally and abroad, and now happily prepare and deliver full meals locally as well. Having been taught to bake by my sister all those years ago, and having been blessed with countless memories of family meals in my heart, catering just seemed a natural progression in moving forward.  I so love what I do, and I believe that it shows; I am a perfectionist when it comes to these delicious goodies bearing my grandmother's name, and family legacy.

​Now located south of Atlanta, Georgia, Something Grand offers a delectable experience like no other, with the emphasis on quality ingredients and customer service. My clients have experienced a personalized and designed meal for a myriad of events that has exceeded expectations. From birthday parties to cocktail parties, from small business meetings to grand scale corporate events, Something Grand delivers a food and/or dessert experience not to be forgotten. I would love the opportunity to offer services for your next occasion! Give to me your themed event, and I will plan and deliver a menu to your liking. So whatever your next affair, do something more than Something Grand. The motto has always been to live cake: it is deserved, so necessary and an honor, from me to you!


Nicole Graham

Caterer and Owner



It all began with a single recipe....
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